General Information COVID-19


General Information COVID-19

March 17. 2020

General Information COVID-19, Cuxhaven 16.03.2020

Dear valued Partner,

As you are well aware of the current situation concerning the COVID-19-Virus, we would like to inform you about following safety measures from our side:

  • Until further notice we cancel all visits to and from our office building.
  • During port stays, we kindly ask the Crews to stay on board and not to have direct contact.
  • Visits on board should only be in urgent or very important cases.
  • The exchange of necessary documents should be minimized.
  • If possible, only correspond via telephone and E-Mail.
  • In case of local workers entering your vessel (stevedores, pilot, etc.), we kindly ask the Crews to stay inside and avoid direct contact.
  • Visitors on board should use gloves for protection.
  • We kindly ask the Crews to clean all necessary surfaces after visit of third-parties on board.
  • We kindly remind you all to follow the basic hygiene rules (see Safety Standards in the headline-link).

These measures will help to avoid further spreading of the infection and secure the safety of you and your colleagues.

With best regards, BREB GmbH & Co. KG

Arne Ehlers Managing Director